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The Autonmous Revolution is Here. Are You Ready?

Facing labor shortages and rising costs, your customers are demanding greater productivity without sacrificing safety. That’s where Northstar’s partner program comes in.

Accelerate your Robotics Program

Whether you are an OEM seeking to build next-generation smart machines, or you wish to retrofit existing industrial equipment, Northstar is your partner for autonomy. Save millions of dollars in R&D costs with Northstar.  

Get to Market Fast and Cost-effectively

Leverage Northstar’s years
of R&D and deep robotics
expertise to accelerate your
autonomous program at a fraction of the cost of internal development.

Build on Northstar's Proven Platform

Northstar has full and semi-autonomous solutions in the field today, operating under the most challenging conditions.                                                                                                 

Rely on World-class Safety and Security

Northstar is built on QNX, the safety-certfied, secure OS for connected vehicles, used by leading automotive manufacturers.                                         


3D Perception System: Protect People, Infrastructure and Equipment.
Through rigorous real-world testing, Northstar has identified and integrated the optimal combination of LIDAR, RADAR and cameras. Combined with algorithms for object detection and navigation, the solution delivers remarkable safety and situational awareness even under harsh weather conditions, including snowstorms.


Autonomous Navigation: Plan and Control Work Sites. Northstar provides extremely accurate navigation through multiband GPS and allows customers to define the drive path and geofence boundaries. Vehicles can operate fully autonomously or in lead-follow mode. Based on location, they can also take specific actions, such as lowering a plow blade.


Lead-Follow Mode: Boost Labor Productivity. Control a network of driverless vehicles following a lead operator. 


Machinery and Equipment Controls: Connect and Monitor. Connect your equipment like blades, brooms or sweepers to Northstar for automated control. Display your in-vehicle system diagnostics through Northstar’s web interface. 

The Northstar Service Commitment

When you partner with Northstar, you aren’t just getting world-class autonomous technology, you are getting a team of experts with decades of experience in robotics engineering. Northstar will be with you from concept through to commercial deployment and support.

Get Started 

Join the revolution. Accelerate your autonomy program today.

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