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Northstar Robotics has developed a revolutionary platform to power networks of autonomous industrial vehicles. 

Northstar's technology is proven in the field and available to industrial equipment manufacturers to accelerate autonomous development for agriculture, snow removal and a wide range of other industrial applications. 

Northstar - The Trusted Solution for
Autonomous Industrial Vehicles

World-Class Safety and Security

Nothing is more important for autonomy than safety and security. That's why Northstar is built on QNX, the safety-certified, secure OS for connected vehicles used by the world’s top manufacturers.

Customer-Driven Innovation

The Northstar platform includes remarkeably precise route planning and navigation, 3-D perception system, machinery and equipment integration, and lead-follow mode, where a network of vehicles follow a lead operator.       

Proven Platform

Northstar has full and semi-autonomous solutions in the field today. You can rely on Northstar's real-world experience to ensure optimal performance under the most challenging conditions.             

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