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Robotic Systems Development

We offer strategic development services starting with system feasibility, proof of concept and commercial release.


Perception System Engineering

Full stack perception system design based off of real world testing in extreme environments (snow, rain, dust)

How we work with Partners

Fullstack Robotics Development including engineering department scale up

  1. Feasibility Study - We start with a product idea and work towards a concept and a set of minimal requirement to enable the development of a proof of concept.
  2. Embedded Software Engineering Department - Software development is hard. Safety Critical Robotics and AI development is 10x harder.  We work to scale up your engineering department, while working on product development as an embedded team inside of your organization. We act as SW managers, lead developers, and QA during development
  3. QMS Based Software Dev - Starts with ISO 9001:2015 at its core, and follows a default framework that considers all essential requirements of the 9001 system and how they are effectively adapted to software-specific development cycles. 
  4. Functional Safety Management -  Starting from ISO 26262, UL4600, ISO/PAS 21448 and ISO 18497, Northstar develops safety cases for all safety-critical products using best practices adopted from the automotive industry and scales them based on determined hazard levels.
  5. Engineering Project Management and DevOps -  We manage all projects using an online project management system and utilize MLOps and Robot DevOps platforms from AWS for long term development and product scalability.
  6. Proof of Concept (POC) - Starting with a minimal product feature set or requirements we, design, simulate and test a POC system.
  7. Commercial Release - Based on the performance of the POC, we follow a formal development process under a quality management system to create a commercial release of your system.  We manage the formal design, verification and validation, functional safety management and safety certifications
  8. Long term support - Following commercial release, we work to maintain the system with new features, bug fixes and long term engineering support.

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