Autonomous Systems Integration

Retrofit and new platform integration. We have the experience and expertise to help integrate autonomous technology into your vehicle platform. 

New Platform Integration

We provide technical guidance and support when designing new platforms enabling autonomous operation 



Custom retrofit solutions for any vehicle on the market.  We require minimal documentation and support to start your project

How we work with Partners

Let us work with you on your next integration project.  We offer the following system integration services

  1. PLATFORM SUPPORT - Our technology supports most vehicle types on the market. We have the ability in integrate with skid steering systems, front and rear steering platforms, and vehicles that tow behind large implements or trailers
  2. HYDRAULICS - We understand hydraulic systems and can design and integrate hydraulic technology to steer and actuate your vehicles. Starting with electro over hydraulic components or smart valves, we can design any system to meet your needs 
  3. DRIVE BY WIRE - We support common industrial communication protocols such as J1939 or CANOpen and can develop a drive by wire interface for your platform
  4. VEHICLE ELECTRONICS - We have experience in specifying, interfacing and integrating with the mainstream embedded vehicle controllers into our platform. We can work with your vendor of choice to meet your requirements
  5. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS - We can meet your requirements around vehicle sensors and actuators or perception and position sensors. We have extensive experience in selecting and working with sensors for off highway applications.


We have extensive experience in systems integration and below are examples of our capabilities in autonomous systems

Autonomous Airport Runway Sweeper

A Fully autonomous sweeper and tow behind broom capable of operating on active runways. System can be run in a single autonomous mode or in a lead follow / platoon configuration. System is equiped with an application specific perception stack that can detect objects in a blizzard 

Autonomous Fairway Mower

A fully autonomous golf course fairway mower that can mow fairways while golfers play through. System is equiped with a LIDAR and 3D camera system capable of detecting stationary and moving objects

Autonomous Tractor

A fully autonomous tractor prototype that is equipped with a visual navigation system that can navigate row crops with out damaging the crop.

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